About Us

Clever Moe is a single easy Web service for Shopify merchants to get the best prospective customers into their on-line ecommerce stores.

Our story

We were founded in 2018 with the mission of fixing the broken Advertising model which exists today. Recent changes in privacy policies coming from the European Union, called GDPR, mean that the browser manufacturers are no longer going to support a required technology called third party cookies. These let a digital advertising network like Facebook ads be able to track the behavior of somebody using the browser from one site to another.

Our approach and belief is fundamentally different. We believe that reaching potential customers is more effective if you understand what it is they’re interested in and find parity with the topics they're interested in as opposed to using a series of keywords to reach them.

We’re a nimble and fast growing company laser focused on making a positive direct impact on Shopify for merchants who rely on our technology. We are a single web platform that launches ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google Ads. We take care of the target market segmentation for the merchants automatically. We pick out the target audiences that their Ads appear on, and so we lower their costs automatically, and we get them faster to market. There's this cute little sound effect that the Shopify app makes when the merchant makes their first sale. It goes like ka-ching, so we're the company that gets those merchants to ka-ching faster.

Meet the team
Frank Cohen

Founder & CEO

Venky Elangovan


Jim Campigli

Strategic Advisor,
Tech Industry COO, CMO,
Board Member & Founder

Lawrence Edmondson


Michael Ainscow

Marketing Advisor