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Clever Moe™ is a Silicon Valley start-up providing patented social engagement marketing technology to advertisers. Clever Moe is lead by founder Frank Cohen and a team of seasoned advertising industry executives. The company is currently in its seed phase and serving Amazon and other large organizations’ needs. Privately funded by Frank Cohen.

Clever Moe, the social engagement experts, uses its patented software technology to make customers 500 times more likely to buy. Clever Moe advertising adds highly-targeted social engagement marketing to traditional exposure advertising. Say you are a marketer already using an advertising agency to do banner, event, and outdoor advertising and need to add Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social. Clever Moe makes it easy, effective, and affordable.

Clever Moe’s MatchAI™ technology targets your campaign to a Super-Influencer’s existing highly-qualified audience across all social media. MatchAI delivers 50% more accuracy in targeting.

Clever Moe’s Super-Influencers recommend multiple campaign types that work with their existing audience and add to your agency’s banner, event, and outdoor ads, including customer interview videos, survey and polls, live events, special price offers, contests, reviews, and hot project news. Clever Moe offers 105 types of campaigns.

Then, Clever Moe’s Social Factory™ technology cross posts your campaign to all social media sites, with links back to the engagement discussion, as though they were one. Clever Moe supports 86 social sites.

Clever Moe Super-Influencers know their audience and how to mitigate the risk. Clever Moe campaigns fully manage the risk by answering questions, mitigating criticism, and shutting down discussions that go sideways. Clever Moe delivers 1,275 Super-Influencers and 8.9 Billion audience members.

Finally, Clever Moe Super-Exposures™ Live Report Dashboard shows total exposures plus weighted engagements. For example, watching a video in a Tweet is worth 500 times a regular banner exposure. Clever Moe tracks all social media engagement reactions, likes, replies, comments, shares.

Management team

team-ceo.jpg Frank Cohen CEO
team-cfo.jpg Mason Brutschy CFO
team-eng.jpg Venky Elangovan Engineer
team-adv1.jpg Lawrence Edmondson Architect Advisor
team-adv2.jpg Alan Rodriguez Architect Advisor
team-vps.jpg Russ Kohl VP Sales


Clever Moe is privately financed.
The company intends to offer an investment round in 2019.

Qualified investors may inquire using the contact form below.