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About Clever Moe

Clever Moe

Clever Moe is a Silicon Valley startup creating advertising networks for influencers. Think of Hootsuite with an ad network. Clever Moe creates an ad network for Moe to turn Moe’s viral influence on product and service purchase decisions into long-tail organic value. Advertisers love Moe’s ad network because it makes their advertisements 50% or more effective. Moe already did the hard work of identifying the advertiser’s market segmentation (keywords, interest, and brands) and built an audience of millions of people. Clever Moe’s MatchTech™ technology automatically matches advertisers to Moe’s audience. Advertising to a Moe’s audience is a fraction of the cost of engagement (CPC) and exposure (CPM) advertising on social media networks. Clever Moe has 3 patent applications, an experienced sales team, and an audience of 9 million people currently.

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Clever Moe is privately financed. The company intends to offer an investment round in 2017. Qualified investors may inquire using the contact form below.

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