BADU Networks Used Clever Moe Hyper-targeting To Get Highly Qualified Prospects Across All Social Media

A Business To Consumer (B2C) Success Story BADU Networks entered a difficult and crowded industry with a unique new FeatherVPN app that provides network acceleration and VPN security to mobile users, allowing them to experience 3x faster and more secure network connections. Badu used Clever Moe to target and run digital ads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The hyper-targeted ads were able to gain the attention of people on social media and got them to compare and try FeatherVPN. Badu received an 18% engagement rate and $1.25 per lead using Clever Moe.

Badu achieved 75 times more engagement by using Clever Moe to target existing audiences interested in enterprise software architecture, design, and performance than using traditional methods in past campaigns.

Badu Networks success journey: 1. Clever Moe supplied step-by-step instructions for Badu’s digital marketers on how to use Clever Moe and the digital ad networks.
2. Clever Moe identified target audiences interested in Badu Feather VPN on five digital ad networks automatically.
3. Provided an analytics dashboard of results showing which ads, targets, and ad networks gave the best results.

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