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In the online marketing space, the term “Traffic Temperatures” is the most common concept that has especially been propelled forward by the popularity of advertising on Facebook and social media.

Audience buying temperature is EVERYTHING in Conversions. You need to warm up your prospects, BEFORE you ask them to take action.

The simple fact is, people NEED to know you, NEED to like you and NEED to trust you, before they'll be willing to give you their email or their hard earned cash.

When speaking of Traffic Temperatures, we are usually discussing 3 groups of potential customers i.e Cold, Warm and Hot Traffic.

Cold Traffic (Unaware)

Cold traffic is traffic that doesn't know you, doesn't know your solution, and might not even be aware of the problem. Think of them as strangers. Converting Cold Traffic is kind of a Difficult task.These people might have the problem your product or service aims to, but since they know nothing about you, it’s highly unlikely that they would buy from you. However, that doesn’t mean that you have no opportunities to convert them at a later stage. Marketing to these users gives you the ability to connect with them and start building a relationship that might result in a sale at some point in the future.

Warm Traffic (Aware)

Warm traffic is traffic that DOES know you, is AWARE they have a problem, and is AWARE your solution may solve their problem. They've begun to like and trust you. Think of them as acquaintances. And converting Warm Traffic is a bit of an easier task than cold traffic.

Hot Traffic (Hungry)

Hot traffic is traffic that knows you, is super aware of the problem, wants to solve the problem, and believes your solution can solve their problem. They also like and trust you. People who are already in buyer mode. And converting Hot Traffic is MUCH MUCH EASIER to convert, because they are ready for your offer, they are hungry to buy!

The hotter your audience, the better they will convert, whether it’s to sign up for your lead magnet, download your Case Study, sign up for your webinar, buy your low-cost trip wire, buy your core product, etc.

You need to understand that there's basically a sliding scale of traffic from the coldest to the hottest. Every potential customer/lead is somewhere along that scale. And your job is to "warm them up" so they can ascend your sales funnel.

In order to make right decisions you need data. This data is priceless if you know what you’re doing. The data can provide you good insight about your target audience including their age, gender, preferred devices (mobile, desktop, tablet), timings they are mostly likely to buy your product and more… When you have this priceless data in hand you simply promote your product or service only to them. Result, you will get targeted traffic and your conversion rate will go up.

But no worries, Clever Moe can do these tasks of finding right traffic for you. Let’s find out how??

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