My Secret Strategies 10X ROAS in your Ads Manager

Marketers live and breathe in a competitive world dominated by data. In paid search, we are constantly working on improving prominent metrics, such as Cost per Thousand Impressions or click through rate, or cost per conversion. But often, we become focused on simple, core metrics and don’t take a look at the bigger picture.

Return on ad spend that is ROAS, however, does provide a look at the bigger picture. This metric offers greater insight into not only what’s leading to conversions, but also the amount of revenue our conversion actions are generating.

ROAS stands for return on ad spend—a marketing metric that measures the amount of revenue your business earns for each dollar it spends on advertising. The higher your ROAS, the better.

The campaign with the highest spend does have the highest volume of conversions, but it also has the lowest ROAS of any campaign with impactful spend. In this scenario, this advertiser should be diving into the campaign with the larger spend and looking at what’s actually working.


Here are some examples of things you can test for your optimization campaigns when it comes to your ad creatives:

  • A single image ad v/s a single video ad
  • A single video ad v/s another single video ad
  • A single square video ad v/s the same video ad but in portrait
  • A single video ad v/s a carousel ad with two videos
  • An ad with one headline vs. an ad with a different headline

Testing different audiences will help you understand what type of people are more likely to engage with your ads and convert. As a result, you also learn more about your ideal audience. Some of the Audience Creation Tips are as follows:

  • Your audience should be large enough to support your test
  • Do not use your test audiences in other active campaigns; this may result in delivery problems and contaminate test results
  • Test one specific factor for more conclusive results

The campaign is the overarching container that defines the objective of your ads. For example, if you want to bring people from any digital ad platform to your website and convert them to subscribers or customers, you would choose the objective Website Conversions. For the purpose of A/B testing, one of the preferences is to limit the scope of testing to a single campaign. Running A/B testing across multiple campaigns is not a necessity and makes it more difficult to analyze the data.


There’s no doubt about it Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram have become the most popular advertising platforms. Over 5 million businesses advertise on these ad platforms. Today’s ad networks offer much more sophisticated targeting options than ever before, such as geographic location, demographic data, device, income and other elements.

Some also include retargeting features, which enable you to put your ads in front of customers who have already visited your website. This is an incredibly valuable option, as conversion rates on retargeted traffic can be double that of standard advertising. Familiarize yourself with the different options each network allows before deciding which is most appropriate. And start growing your business on each platform.

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