Ultimate ways to Scale your Digital Advertising Campaigns without being hostage to a Marketing Guy!

Everything changes rapidly when it comes to making ads work, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube. We could even say all digital advertising networks! Your job scaling ad campaigns is hard, very hard.

Not only do you have to adapt or think about new strategies and tactics for changes each of the Ad Managers - they’re changing algorithms all the time - they change each time you change your ad creatives. It's a constant cycle of developing winning and best performing campaigns and fighting ad fatigue. The more time you spend analyzing and looking into ads, audiences, and metrics, the more impossible the task of scaling a digital advertising network becomes.

Scaling ad campaigns is a hot topic that many marketers feel insecure about. You don’t really want to add fuel - aka your ad budget - to the fire - aka your ad campaigns - without a solid strategy.

What Marketers are actually doing today?

Before scaling, they do a lot of thinking about stuff like:

  • What is the target audience?
  • Are they mostly male or female?
  • Which device did they use?
  • How much time did they spend on your landing pages?
  • What are the activities performed while they are on our landing page?
  • How can we manage CPC/CTR/CR?
  • How to avoid ad Fatigue?
  • How to manage tracking pixels?
  • By how much should we increase our ad budget in order to scale?
  • How to scale your campaigns successfully with better ad creatives?
  • What is the retargeting audience? Is it worth it?
  • Should we perform A/B testing in order to further check if the campaigns are performing up to the mark?
  • Can we launch a broad-targeting campaign, with the target audience based in several countries?
  • How can we increase the potential audience for the advertising campaigns?
  • Which location will be best suited to run the ads?
  • How to grab a look-a-like audience?
  • How can we remain in budget and schedule everything?
  • How to conceptualize an ad?
  • Does the image or the videos we are using bringing any conversion?
  • And then we need to keep experimenting to get an ad right, and experimenting a lot. Experiment everything until it works. Don’t you think by doing all these things a lot of time is wasted, the our minds get exhausted and moreover our energy reserves vanish. And then the major concern arises is HOW TO ROLL WITH THE CHANGES?

    Today’s technology is growing at a faster rate. AI technologies are serving in every field. Imagine, a robot will be handing over a cup of coffee to you in the morning, cleaning your whole apartment, and will be listening to your commands like Alexa?

    What if there is no need to worry about if your CPC and CPA numbers start shooting up? What if a pocket all-round tool helps you to find out that you spent 200% more and only got 10% more leads?!

    What if all the activities people do on the landing pages are seen by this one tool and the ads are automatically scaled according to it?

    What if the retargeting of the audience is done on its own? For example, a skin care product ad automatically is shown to the needy and perfect audience. This increases the Rate of Conversion.

    What if the lookalike audience is found itself?

    And, what if you don’t have to scale the ads on your own, just let the tool handle and it will do everything accordingly. That is amazing. That is Clever Moe.

    Imagine all your energy and time is saved. You don’t have to worry much about your bank balance as the ads have been monetized by the AI tool, the major crux has been done already.

    That tool will help you with all the things mentioned. Not only on Facebook but on every other advertising network, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. You now don’t have to worry much about scaling your business and optimizing your ads, even if you are a beginner. Why are you waiting now? Don’t you want to see it practically?

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