Top 5 Proofs that Facebook and Other Digital Networks are eating your budget!!
How to stop it in just 10 minutes???

Are you making ad mistakes that could be eating away your marketing budget? Are your ads helping other digital networks more than they’re helping your business? In this article, you’ll discover the most common mistakes made with networking ads.

The first and foremost is HIDDEN AUDIENCE

When your interest targeting is off, fewer people click on your ads. This gives you a low click-through-rate. If less people click on your ads, it makes digital networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube think you are providing a bad user experience. And giving a bad user experience is the last thing they want, as they need as many people on their platform to sell ads and make money. In other words, Facebook and other networks have been holding out on advertisers by showing us a limited amount of interest suggestions to target. Digital Advertising Network will make you pay much more for your ads if you don’t get your audience targeting right.


You know that defining a target audience is a business best practice. But defining a target audience is a best practice for anyone that needs others to give them something. Do you know the reason why so many business owners need help?

It’s because thousands of business owners like YOU are competing for the SAME audiences. In most niches, because they don't know any better audience, advertisers target the exact same interest groups. They might try to find interests that nobody else uses. However, they end up failing. It’s because the Audience Insights tool shows a limited number of interests to target. These interests are around 25 per target keyword tops. So it’s NO WONDER less people click on your ads and people become ad blind.

If we talk about FACEBOOK we never had these kinds of laser-focused audience targeting capabilities. But with such a diverse and hyper-targeted platform, it’s incredibly easy to spend too much money and fast. There are countless audiences to create, interests to target, and demographics to focus on. On top of that, there are nearly limitless ad types that can drain your marketing budget in a single day.

We are spending a lot of money and guess what, after spending a hell lot of time we are just generating very less revenue. This does not let you scale your business.

Complexity in a social media dashboard can be very much overwhelming. Metrics are difficult to collect and sometimes very hard to understand. Sometimes, spotting insights too becomes a difficult task. This reduces better readability and understandability due to which it could hit our marketing or ad budget as we are not able to spot the right insights and audience. Moreover, we are not making any particular changes too which can be considered a boon for the business.

Go market where your audience is, Clever Moe said!

Clever Moe finds you the most profitable interests to target your competitors that don't know anything about the audience and leave your competitors screaming for mercy by skyrocketing the ROI on your ad spend. Find those hidden target interests that your competitors are missing out on. Skyrocket your ROI on your ads spend and relax. This helps in scaling your business and moreover, takes care of all the insights and optimises the ads accordingly.

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