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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Clever Moe advertising different from traditional advertising? Clever Moe advertising adds highly-targeted social engagement marketing to traditional exposure advertising, including traditional banner, event, and outdoor advertising.

How Does The Super-Influencer Keep A Campaign From Going Sideways? When a person or group is critical of your brand or advertising, the Super-Influencer jumps-in to keep the discussion from turning sideways. Super-Influencers spend years developing their audience. They are protective of their audience. A guide to social media influencer advertising is at http://bit.ly/2sWpC4I.

How does Clever Moe engagement work? Clever Moe works with your marketing team and creative agency to define an engagement campaign, choose the targets, help you choose the right type of campaign for the audience, run the campaign on the Clever Moe ad network, mitigate the risk of a negative engagement, and report the results.

Does the advertiser’s marketing team need social media skills to be successful? The marketing team does not need social media skills to be successful. Traditional advertising techniques are satisfactory. Clever Moe advertising account executives regularly check the campaign and propose adjustments to the advertiser.

What does the Clever Moe technology do? Clever Moe’s MatchAI™ technology matches and targets your campaign to a Super-Influencer’s existing highly-qualified audience across all social media. Then Clever Moe’s SocialFactory™ technology places your ads and cross posts your campaign to all social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), with links back to the engagement discussion. Clever Moe campaigns fully manage the risk by engaging the Super-Influencer to answer questions, mitigate criticism, and shut-down discussions that go sideways. Clever Moe Super-Exposures™ Live Report Dashboard tracks all social media engagement reactions.

Does the advertiser’s social media team need to be engaged? The social media team does not need to be engaged when running a campaign on Clever Moe. The Super-Influencer manages comments and replies to their audience, including deleting inappropriate, negative, or off-topic content from audience members. However, with an advertiser’s social media team engaged in support of the campaign advertisers normally see: increased prospective customer engagement, more sales, great testimonials, positive feedback, and improved brand recognition.

Is there an example? Ask Clever Moe for Customer Success Stories by contacting us today.

For example, Amazon needed social engagement marketing to expand on its banner, print, and outdoor exposure campaigns for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Clever Moe’s patented MatchAI™ technology matched AWS to Social Media Super-Influencer Tamara McCleary’s audience. Clever Moe developed 9 core assets of 5 minute live video interviews between Tamara and customers interested in AWS. The Clever Moe ad network promoted the stories to Tamara’s audience, including social postings on Twitter Live, Periscope, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The campaign achieved 3.1 million Super-Exposures. Clever Moe managed the campaign, mitigated social risk, created the video assets, promoted the assets across highly-targeted social media, and provided reports. At $3.25 CPM, Amazon achieved 10 times the normal engagement from standard targeting with Clever Moe.

If the advertiser is risk-averse is Clever Moe a good choice? Clever Moe is a good choice of ad network for risk-averse advertisers for the following reasons:

1. The advertiser is in complete control of the creative content of the campaign, the message, and the execution of the campaign.
2.The Super-Influencer manages comments and replies to their audience, including deleting inappropriate or off-topic content from audience members.
3. Clever Moe MatchTech technology targets ads to the Super-Influencer’s existing audience, based on brands, interests, and keywords you need to reach. The audience already wants to hear from you.

How does targeting work in Clever Moe? Clever Moe’s MatchAI technology develops a deep machine-learning understanding of a Super-Influencer’s existing large audience, demographics, keywords, brands, personas, and interests.

How do the ads appear? Clever Moe places and targets ads with social media advertising networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and all social media) and depending on the campaign your creative team chooses how your content appears in postings from the Super-Influencer to their highly-targeted audience. The Clever Moe ad network for a Super-Influencer delivers banner ads and sponsored content to the Super-Influencer’s email newsletter, blog, and other postings and content.

Does the advertiser have complete control over the message? Advertisers have complete control over the ad, content, and messages. Normally, the advertiser’s agency develops the creative, ad layout, and target market messaging. For example, your marketers and agency provide the Super-Influencer with key messages for video interviews. The advertiser and agency have final approval on the video interview content. The advertiser gets final say on the content for a campaign.

Does a Clever Moe advertisement comply with FCC sponsorship rules? Clever Moe obeys sponsorship and embedded advertising rules, including FCC sponsorship identification (C.F.R 47, 317) and section 315 of the Communications Act.

Does Clever Moe track demographics and personas for each Super-Influencer? Clever Moe provides for each Super-Influencer: demographics, market sector personas, audience scores, and audience interests and keywords. Demographic details include Age, Income, Mobile, Language, Location, Gender, Ethnicity, Education, Occupation, Marital Status, Home Ownership, Home Value, Religious Affiliation, and Number of Children. Ask us for an example Super-Influencer Demographic Report.

How do I measure success for a campaign? As the campaign runs, Clever Moe tracks engagement (clicks, views, sends, shares) to identify the customer journey from campaign to engagement. Clever Moe Super-Exposures™ Live Report Dashboard shows total exposures plus weighted engagements. For example, watching a video in a Tweet is worth 500 times a regular banner exposure. Clever Moe tracks all social media engagement reactions, likes, replies, comments, shares.

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