HP has a perfect social story to tell about the new HP Envy printer. Customers love it, prints last generations, and are ideal to inspire a story.

Clever Moe’s patented MatchAI(tm) follows Super-Influencer Scott Eddy’s 125,000,000 engagements of people every month. MatchAI knows they want to hear about the HP Envy printer. HP achieved an amazing 430 times less cost over traditional banner, billboard, and outdoor costs.

Watch the first of six ad spots Clever Moe produced, targeted, and run for HP below.

We noticed something unusual about how people are using the HP Envy printer, there’s a new language common to the generations – travel and sharing. We share prints to inspire the new generations to make their own amazing experiences. And rather than just text a picture, we inspire by sharing the experience in smudge proof prints that last generations and show all the true colors. #ScottAndHP proved that prints inspire a lasting impression.

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