Clever Moe is a single web platform that launches ads on six social ad networks. We take care of the target market segmentation for the merchants automatically. We pick out the target audiences that their ads appear on, and so we lower their ad costs and we get them faster to market. There's this cute little sound effect that the Shopify app makes when the merchant makes their first sale. It goes like ka-ching, so we're the company that gets those merchants to ka-ching faster.

Shopify merchants

When you talk to Shopify merchants, you will hear pretty much the same story from all of them. Advertising is terrible now and we hate it. The problem for these merchants is that digital advertising is broken.

Recent changes in privacy policies coming from the European Union, called GDPR, mean that the browser manufacturers are no longer going to support a required technology called third party cookies. These let a digital advertising network like Facebook Ads to track the behavior of somebody using the browser from one site to another.

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Well, that third party cookie targeting technology has already gone away in Apple's Safari browser. And next, Google Chrome said that they're going to do the same thing. So Facebook and the other digital ad networks are in a world of pain right now, trying to figure out if there is another way for them to target those ads for the merchants. Separately there is no commonality across the ad networks. So the merchant that gets really good at, say, Facebook ads then has to spend an entirely equal amount of time on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit and all of the other ad networks. Plus, for the merchant, if they pick the wrong ad network, those ads could cost them 80 times more. For example, an ad that we recently ran on Facebook cost 10 cents per click, but this very same ad on Twitter cost $8 for the merchant. They are wondering which network is going to get the most sales and which is going to deliver the best return on ad spending. So here comes a Clever Moe. We solve these problems in a way that is a dream for these merchants.