Get better-paid Ad results on Shopify.

The key to Clever Moe targeting is the power of automatically building audiences based on social listening in six major platforms.

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Clever Moe is the smartest and most cost effective way to buy Ads on Shopify & social media.


With our platform, there’s zero integration effort in order to get customers to your store.
Simply add the Clever Moe app to your Shopify store, create your Ads, set your budget and we automatically segment and place them for you.
SMART Platform intelligence ensures that we're targeting based on intent
EFFECTIVE Our customers typically achieve over 100% higher conversions more than traditional targeting.
VALUE Clever Moe costs is the most cost effective AI based platform on the market today.
TOPIC BASED Tracks publicly discussed topics v.s. keywords


You are always in control of all the costs. You pay for your ads using your ad accounts on the ad networks. Clever Moe charges a 8% fee based on your ad spending, or $400/month whichever is higher. You pay this fee to your Shopify billing account.

For example, when you set the budget to $60, Clever Moe will spend the $60 evenly on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, that’s $10 on each of the 6 ad networks. You pay the $10 to each of your ad network accounts and Clever Moe charges 8% of $60, or a $4.80 fee, to your Shopify billing account.
Terri Hardin, Disney Imagineer
"I am an artist. But I also have to put my marketing hat on. I now understand why I haven’t been able to improve my advertising results over the last 3 years. Manual audience creation over multiple networks is not only time consuming, but it simply can not beat the ability of an intelligence tool monitoring millions of consumer interactions every minute on my behalf.” With Clever Moe, Terri achieved 3x return on ad spending. The targeting delivered $0.37 Cost Per Click (CPC) on Facebook and 146% higher conversions on Twitter.
Samantha McKinney, Owner 3D Puzzlemasters
"I opened a brand new Shopify store and had no sales prior sales for the company. When I started using Clever Moe, I got my first sale within the first 24 hours of running my Clever moe ads. I've had ecommerce experience before and ran Facebook ads for other ecommerce brands directly on the Facebook ad network, but never have I gotten a sale in the first 24 hours of running an ad!"
Steven Herrera CEO PR Creative Solutions
"I used the interest based suggestions from Facebook and other platforms that did not full produce the expected results. Clever Moe provided a much more transparent and affordable approach."