Disney’s Legendary Imagineer Terri Hardin Needed an Easy Lead Magnet To Get Buyers Into Her Shopify Store.

Clever Moe scanned her Shopify store, composed her ads, and delivered prospective customers for $0.20 each

A Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Success Story

With the prestigious title of Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company, Terri Hardin brings authenticity and skill to her commissioned work which has included 2 and 3-dimensional prototypes and realizations of classic characters treasured by collectors world-wide. Her design and installations are a feature of Disney Parks in Florida, Paris and Tokyo.

Terri produced a limited number of figurines. While Terri is a well-known public figure, she had no way to find and reach her target audiences until she used Clever Moe. Clever Moe found Terri’s target audiences on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit.

Terri’s success journey: 1) Terri used Clever Moe’s Shopify Set-up Service to create terrihardinghosts.myshopify.com
2) Terri determined the most effective ad by testing 3 images and 3 messages automatically in Clever Moe
3) Launched an advertising campaign on 6 ad networks with a single click
4) Clever Moe installed the Clever Moe tracking pixel in the Shopify store automatically. It identified the best performing ad networks, and focused Terri’s ad-spending on them.

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