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The Best Advertisers for the
Best Customers on Social Media.

Clever Moe is a new Social Media Influencer Marketing technology and advertising agency for brands and advertisers. We make everything easy, scalable, and effective for you.

Clever Moe runs the communication network for Super-Influencers. They are experts for hundreds of millions of people who discuss and recommend products on social media. Say they start the conversation about your product on Facebook, we expand their discussion to Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and all of social media.

Because we’re in there… we know the demographics, brands, personas, keywords, and interests in the discussion. We take all this big data, add our Assisted AI, and turn it into the best targeting for your marketing… ever.

You are probably here because our patented MatchAI technology matched the demographics you are already paying ads for to one of our Super-Influencer’s existing audiences.

Or, you are a Super-Influencer who heard about how our patented Social Factory technology. It increases your audience size without making you do a bit more work. And as a result we put advertiser dollars directly into your pocket.

Social media influencer marketing already has tools, marketplaces, and IRM platforms. What’s missing are super influencers – people who already developed audiences in the hundreds of millions of people – and ad networks to deliver your message to their audience. That’s Clever Moe. Download our free Social Media Influencer Infographic for free.

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