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The Easy Way To Reach People Who
Already Want To Know About Your Product

Clever Moe is a new Social Media Influencer Marketing technology and service company for brands, organizations, and advertisers. Social media marketing can be great but it requires a lot of attention and time. We make all that easy, scalable, and effective for you.

Suppose you need to get in front of millions of people, like prospective customers, who are already spending money on next generation mobile products. Clever Moe targets your ads to a Super-Influencer’s audience. Super-Influencers are different, they spent the past few years building an audience interested in mobile tech.

Social media influencer marketing already has tools, marketplaces, and IRM platforms. What’s missing are super influencers – people who already developed audiences in the millions – and ad networks to deliver your message to their audience. That’s Clever Moe. Download our free Social Media Influencer Infographic for free.

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