Marketing AI for Shopify

Creates demand for your products with social paid Ads. Fully automatic. More customers, less costs, more returns.

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Clever Moe is a big data technology, yet it is so very easy to use.
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With our platform, there’s zero integration effort in order to get customers to your store.
Simply add the Clever Moe app to your Shopify store, create your Ads, set your budget and we automatically segment and place them for you.

The Story, Team, Vision

Clever Moe is not about Ads, Clever Moe is a Machine to get customers into your store. What is important to us is to create this instant awareness of your store based on the tradition of marketing.

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SMART Platform intelligence ensures that we're targeting based on intent
EFFECTIVE Our customers typically achieve over 100% higher conversions more than traditional targeting.
VALUE Clever Moe costs is the most cost effective AI based platform on the market today.
TOPIC BASED Tracks publicly discussed topics v.s. keywords
Terri Hardin, Disney Imagineer
"I am an artist. But I also have to put my marketing hat on. I now understand why I haven’t been able to improve my advertising results over the last 3 years. Manual audience creation over multiple networks is not only time consuming, but it simply can not beat the ability of an intelligence tool monitoring millions of consumer interactions every minute on my behalf.” With Clever Moe, Terri achieved 3x return on ad spending. The targeting delivered $0.37 Cost Per Click (CPC) on Facebook and 146% higher conversions on Twitter.
Samantha McKinney, Owner 3D Puzzlemasters
"I opened a brand new Shopify store and had no sales prior sales for the company. When I started using Clever Moe, I got my first sale within the first 24 hours of running my Clever Moe ads. I had ecommerce experience before and ran Facebook ads for other ecommerce brands directly on the Facebook ad network, but never have I gotten a sale in the first 24 hours of running an ad!"
Gladiators at 210% ROAS
"Gladiators is an endurance run in Dubai. The company achieved 210% Return On Ad Spending (ROAS) using Clever Moe. Watch a 4 minute video on how."