Clever Moe advertising targeting technology.
Gets brand messages in front of audiences already interested.
Dramatically ups engagement, lowers costs, tremendous ease.

 Scott Eddy Talks
 What Makes Clever Moe Different
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Clever Moe's patented MatchAI™ technology follows thousands of social influencers as they engage their audiences every day.
These influencers each have millions of followers and engage hundreds of millions of people monthly. We call them Super-Influencers.

Our patented analysis engine – MatchAI – surfaces interests, keywords, brands, and demographics from these audiences. When it’s time for you to reach these audiences, Clever Moe targets your ads.

Compared to traditional advertising using banner, billboard, and outdoor ads, Clever Moe engagement marketing ads are 430 times more effective, lower cost, and increase engagement.

Success stories

Clever organizations like Amazon, HP, and TIBCO
already use Clever Moe for engagement marketing.
Shouldn’t you?
Let us tell you the deeper story of Amazon and HP’s success with Clever Moe.
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