Clever Moe Ad Service

a smarter way to buy your ads

How it works

Clever Moe revolutionizes how to target and place your digital ads. Unlike existing platform-specific procedures which are opaque, time-consuming, and waste your money, the Clever Moe ad service uses patent-pending context-based Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) to offer an intuitive one-stop shop. This makes it far easier and more affordable to place your ads onto the optimal blend of an ever-expanding array of the most popular digital networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Instead of distributing your ads using traditional “spray and pray” tactics, Clever Moe lets you precisely and automatically target the people that will be most receptive to your message – in the right context and on the social networks that are most appealing to them. This fresh approach delivers immediate results while slashing the cost of your ads (CPM and CPC).

You begin by registering your content - such as your Web site, landing pages, social postings, blog articles, and so on - into Clever Moe’s easy browser based app. Clever Moe uses its proprietary algorithms to first scan your materials and then identify the ideal destinations to place your ad to attract those viewers who are most likely to take action. All that’s left for you to do is upload your ad, set a budget, and press the launch button. Clever Moe takes it from there, continually finding new potential audiences and minimizing your costs.

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Dashboard and results

Clever Moe results are unique, in one platform you get:

Automatically identifies the audiences and ad networks that work best for your product

Places the ads for you automatically

Injects ads into existing influencer audiences

Live scoring for planning the next marketing campaign

Context-based Multi-touch attribution (MTA) for each lead and account, tells you who is interested in buying and why

Clever Moe Pixel plugs into your systems for conversion tracking

Success stories